Senegalese love sports. Especially soccer! Interest in soccer goes from the Olympics, world championships, the African Cup of Nations, the national championship to local championships called the Nawetaans.

The Nawetaans (winter leagues championships) take place from July to January every year, in all towns and villages of Senegal and target diverse sports (soccer, basketball, wrestling, etc.). They are springboards for athletes to launch a national or an international career (e.g., Dame Ndoye, top soccer goal scorer in Denmark in 2011). Everyone in the country from 7 to 77 years old take intense interest in the Nawetaans. Not only are they popular annual sporting events, they also serve a social purpose and are a mirror of Senegalese society – creativity, family solidarity, mysticism... Many neighboring African countries are trying to copy this concept and use it as a tool to ensure social stability.

NawetaanLive provides an unprecedented experience for Nawetaans fans inside and outside of Senegal. Currently, NawetaanLive focuses on soccer. Reporters collect data of soccer games live from the stadiums and the latest information is transmitted to the public. We use various channels to reach the public - the web site http://nawetaanlive.com, a mobile app that will be available soon on different platforms, social networks (@nawetaanlive and http://facebook.com/nawetaanlive), and SMS Nawetaan, an SMS service (only available in Senegal). NawetaanLive TV lets the public follow the activities of the players and people who make the Nawetaans possible - organizers, volunteers, and fans.

NawetaanLive provides the latest information on soccer games (e.g., scores, top goal scorers, goals) that you can access from anywhere at any time! With our service, fans can follow all the latest games just like you are right in the stadium or look up information of past games! As a fan, you can show your love and appreciation of the Nawetaans by voting for your favorite player or team.

NawetaanLive is now in its third year and we hope that we can keep doing this every season for a long time to come. In 2011, we covered 250 matches in Thiès live. In 2012, NawetaanLive was available for Thiès, Mbour, and Dakar (part of the Nawetaans of Dakar). More than 700 matches were covered to date.

In addition to offering a service to the public, NawetaanLive helps ODCAV, ORCAV and ONCAV to modernize their operations; the data we collect is stored in a database and this is made available to these sports organizations to help them operate Nawetaans more efficiently in finance, scheduling, and human resources.

NawetaanLive can also be used as a channel for social campaigns such as anti-malaria awareness and anti-tobacco campaigns.

To learn more about the Nawetaans, please read:
Navetane movement in Senegal: From the 1969 reform to profound changes, Mbaye Jacques Diop & Amédine SY, Tuesday, August 31, 2010. (translated from French by Google Translate)

NawetaanLive is a project that is financed exclusively through SenMobile. SenMobile is not funded by the ODCAV. Its revenue is based on SMS, mobile apps and selling its data.